【Yuangee Economize on energy a well ventilated door 】Classic listing

 "Economize on energy a well ventilated door" can be used as the residence veranda door and kitchen door and not only carry to connect a move type to adopt light slice in the glass door, security of guard against theft aluminum decoration and the hard heavy duty high clairvoyance anti-mosquito insect sun yarn net, and can through"fixed position switch knob" adjust the slice in the door open the size to regulate the indoor outside convection airiness to measure and provide the consumer's economy energy, environmental protection the safe daily life at home environment is again."Slice in the door adjust Gun round" that matches the stainless steel Suo in the safe design ensures top and bottom the slice in the door wills not is loose because the switch is multifarious and clips to harm an user, at the same time outline in the door adoption"have no point corn inclined plane" design not only the lines daintiness, can also avoid because of collision point corn and get hurt, ensure a consumer to use up of security.